Actinaria- Sea anemones

Sea anemones are named after the flower of the same name that they resemble. Their column-like bodies are attached to a structure, like a rock or a float, where they wait to catch whatever swims by. They have an oral disk surrounded by stinging tentacles, which they use to stun small fish or shrimp before pulling them into their mouths to digest. Touch them gently and feel the light stickiness of their tentacles!

Plumose anemone
Metridium farcimenWhite or brown column to 50 cm, crown of white or tan tentacles in dense clusters or “florets”
Christmas Anemone
Urticina grebelnyaThick smooth, greenish column mottled with red, stubby, blunt rose/gray colored tentacles
Redbeaded Anemone                   
Urticina coriacea

Thick reddish-brown column with rows of sticky bumps or “beads”, stubby rose/gray tentacles

White-spotted Anemone 
Cribinopsis albopuncata
Thick pink to dark red column with rows of small white “beads”, stubby pink to reddish tentacles
Solitary Anemone
Anthropleura solaShort, broad column, pale gray to green, long sharp tentacles with bluish/pink tips, radial spokes on oral disk



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